All of our fudge is based on the ‘Chocolate Experience’.  At customers request we have added white chocolate to our mix of flavors.  Since it is mainly cocoa butter, it does qualify as chocolate. Whatever your preference, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, or white chocolate, the first  ingredient is always Great Chocolate. If you love chocolate, there’s no fudge like “my father’s fudge”.

Peanut Butter ( dad’s favorite ) The original. Creamy peanut butter surrounded by rich dark chocolate. If you like peanut butter, this is simply the best!

I Double Dark Dare Ya!  Incredibly Rich Dark Chocolate flavor, made with a blend to two Premium Dark Chocolates.  You don’t like Dark Chocolate?  I double dark dare ya to try it !

Milk Chocolate…   Not yet drawn to the Dark Side?  This traditional creamy milk chocolate is amazing. Second only to our dark chocolate.

Salted Cashew… Dark Chocolate, roasted and salted whole cashews. (not little bits and pieces), dusted with just the right amount of Sea Salt.  You can’t beat that sweet-salty thing.

Orange   / Orange Pecan  / Orange Pistachio                                 Plain or with nuts, Orange chocolate is good so many ways. This flavor comes in both dark and milk chocolate versions.

Chili Spiced Orange /   Rich, creamy but…. wait for the kick!        A rich blend of  Dark Chocolate, hint of orange, pecans, golden raisins, and just the right amount of Cayenne pepper.

Orange Cranberry Pecan /  tart dried cranberries , complimented by crunchy pecans in creamy orange fudge. If you could taste a holiday, this would be it.

Amazing Cherry  /   real dried cherries in our dark chocolate. A favorite of many of our customers,  needs nothing else!

Mint / Mint Cookie /  plain or with a cookie crunch, you gotta love its creamy minty goodness!

Cinnamon /  a great compliment to chocolate. Great plain for with pecans.  We also make a great cinnamon granola breakfast bar.. who says you can’t have chocolate for breakfast?

Espresso /   Coffee lovers favorite ,  real espresso coffee blended with creamy dark fudge. very nice.

Mocha /  real espresso with our milk chocolate. Sweeter, a little less intense.  take a walk on the mild side.

Smokehouse Almond /  a new one, but already my favorite!  great nutty taste of  roasted almonds, rich smokey flavor, spiced just right!  the flavors come in layers, each complementing the last. close your eyes and enjoy. it’s that good!

Maple Walnut / We start with white chocolate, add real maple extract and lots of walnuts. The result is creamy maple goodness. Those of our fans who like maple walnut anything, have given it rave reviews.



Choose one you like or try something new and join us on our chocolate adventure!