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About Us

Welcome to  My Father’s Fudge.  You’re in for a treat!

Our fudge is Not that overly sweet, grainy, flavorless confection you have been led to believe is fudge.

It is Not your Average Fudge.  We don’t add preservatives, corn syrup, kayro syrup, or cups of sugar.

We do use  more chocolate!  Sounds crazy, but we think fudge is chocolate first…all the other flavors complement the chocolate experience.

Our fudge Is a dark, rich, creamy, flavorful confection that will  melt in your mouth.

It is actually… my father’s fudge.  On special occasions my dad would create his  favorite and only flavor, peanut butter.

We’ve kept his favorite and many of the traditional flavors you may recognize, and added many new creative combinations you will be enticed to try it, love it, and come back for more.

We look at fudge as a creative adventure to be enjoyed, one bite at a time.  Hope you’ll join us.

My Father’s Fudge is lovingly made by Larry & Rita Diebold in Akron NY.


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