Our Logo

  Our logo is a clay representation of  My Dad! Who is the inspiration for our fudge. We think it captures the fun side of him and our fudge. After all fudge is all about fun.  

Not your average fudge

Welcome to My Father’s Fudge.  You’re in for a treat! It is Not your Average fudge, but a rich, dark, creamy, flavorful confection that will melt in your mouth. It is all about…More Chocolate!  All other flavors enhance the Chocolate experience. We look at fudge as a creative adventure to be enjoyed one bite at a time. Hope you’ll join us. […]

Our History

This is actually…my fathers fudge. On special occasions my dad (that’s him in the pic) would create his favorite and only flavor fudge, peanut butter. Dad’s fudge was always an exciting time for us kids. A fond, flavorful memory. To try to recreate this fond memory and share it with others, we decided to make […]

Featured Fudge

Spiced Orange Pecan (fudge with a kick)

Rich dark chocolate with a  hint of orange , flavorful pecan,  the warmth of ceyanne hits the back of your pallet a little later. A spicy experience, but delicious.